Understanding market activity

As 2018 gave us bouts of sometimes nerve-wracking market action, we can weather whatever 2019 brings with the more information and a clearer perspective. Our hope is that these resources will help advisors and clients have better conversations and, over time, lead to better outcomes.

Market outlook

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A look at what’s happening in the markets including Brinker Capital’s perspective on key economic indicators and market trends.

Questions as investors view their
quarterly statements
What we’re watching in the market:
Brinker Capital Market Barometer
How much is left in the tank?

Understanding investor sentiment

The do's and don’ts of market volatility
You will never regret your vacation
A tomorrow more certain than today

Our contributors

Dr. Daniel Crosby
Chief Behavioral Officer
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    Timothy Holland, CFA
    Senior Vice President, Global Investment Strategist
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      Thomas K.R. Wilson, CFA
      Senior Vice President, Head of Wealth Advisory
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        How investors experience the market

        Understanding the impact of the markets on investor accounts.

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